martes, 26 de noviembre de 2013

Hola a todos 

Os dejo aquí el listening escrito y dictado por Megan -el pasado martes en el aula de 4ºA y el jueves 21 en 4ºB. Enhorabuena por vuestro esfuerzo y vuestros magníficos resultados: 

American Revolution: 
1) Although the idea of “American liberalism”, or freedom was a big part of the Constitution, the rights of African American people who were slaves and the Indigenous people (or Indians) were not considered or included in the Constitution. 

Liberalism and nationalism: 
2) Liberalism is a concept about basic rights and freedoms, while nationalism is about the right of nations to create their own “state”, or government. 

French Revolution 
3) The phases of the French Revolution from 1789 to 1792 had three different ways of organizing the state: the constitutional monarchy, the democratic republic, and the bourgeois republic. 

The First French Republic: 
4) During the first French Republic, the power of the new state went from the moderate group, the Girondists, to the radical revolutionaries, the Jacobins, and later returned to the elite Bourgeois. 

5) Napolean took power and conquered most of Europe and created his own empire. 
6) Napolean´s power began to decline in the year 1808 and ended when he was defeated in the Battle of Waterloo by Britain, Russia, Prussia, and Austria. 

Restoration and liberal revolutions: 
7) After the defeat of Napolean, the European powers met at the Congress of Vienna where they signed the Holy Alliance. (an agreement to help each other in the case of any other liberal revoltuion in Europe.) 
8) During the years 1830 and 1848, many small revolutions happened throughout Europe in France, the Austrian Empire, the German states and the Italian states. 

Nationalist movements: 
9) In the 1800s, during the first Nationalist movements Greece gained independence from the Ottoman Empire and Belgium gained independence from the Netherlands. 
10) The states of Italy were unified with Rome as the capital and the Germanic States were unified as the Second German republic under the rule of Kaiser William I.

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